This is just a more detailed list of announcements from the black bar at the top of my Home Page. I will be posting another article soon entitled "Check Before Checking Out".

In the meantime, please make use of any of the current discounts listed below:

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Multiple Items

***There is always a reduced price of 10% on 2 or more items unless we are currently running a shop sale. :) Use code 2ORMORE

Heart Necklaces

***Glass Heart necklaces are always, 'buy 2 get 1 free'!* I will automatically contact you after checkout to find out your choice of third necklace.

Prior to Checkout

***Before checkout, make sure you have read the listing description and details carefully, especially bracelet size and necklace length to ensure the best possible shopping experience

For GIFT CARDS: Go to and include our shop url: in the 'Leave a Note' section. Etsy Gift cards must be redeemed first to add the credit to your account before using the coupon code to purchase an item. Redeem here:

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