elle & belle's Story

elle & belle is a jewelry line that is handmade in Canada by Elizabeth. It was founded in 2006 by Liz’s daughter who named the line after her mom and her mom’s mom, Isabel. In 2012, before her daughter moved to New York she taught her mom how to make her signature heart necklaces and Liz has since put her own spin on the elle & belle collection. Liz gets her inspiration from the form and movement of different materials and found objects. 

Liz has a history of creative endeavors including: pottery making, sewing her own clothes and nursery room decor, knitting sweaters for self and family and now loves the proud satisfaction that comes from being an artisan of handmade jewelry. Basically self-taught but, inspired by her daughter, she has taken some beading and metal work classes and experimented with a number of mediums and continues to refine her techniques. She believes in providing excellent customer service and strives to create jewelry that she is proud to wear herself and hopes that anyone wearing her pieces feels happy and special.

When a customer gives a gift from elle & belle jewelry they are supporting a small business and receiving a unique item handmade with heart.

Zuzu Fashion Boutique Barrie, Ontario, Canada

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